The effect

This is not a scientific post nor I can show any proof but the following post is just a “how I feel” about my training and what I have noticed.

It all started on October when I joined to a climbing training group and we started to cover all the basic stuff like conditioning, strength and strength endurance. We also covered foot and hand techniques. Basically it gave me all the possible tools to start my own training regime. I’m still on strength endurance training but in a few weeks I will go back to conditioning training, so I’m doing these three steps all over again.

In between the climbing sessions I tend to do a lot of kettle bell and TRX training, combined with body weight training (push-ups, sit-ups etc..).


First and foremost I’ve lost weight which has helped me a lot in climbing. Feeling lighter does give an edge on harder routes. I was around 87-86 kg’s and now I’m down to 83 kg! It’s a shame I did not do a full body scan (going to one on Friday) so I really could see the effects on muscle growth and loosing fat. I feel more tighter and my back seems to grow everyday (if you ask from my wife). I have not tried to do new routes or try to onsight above 6a but I yesterday I tested a tough 6b route which I almost onsighted on top-rope (fell on last 3 or 4 moves) and this was after 5a, 5b and 5c, all done twice. I’m pretty happy with that.

I did some Ice Climbing last Saturday and I think that due to all of this training I was able to grasp the techniques faster as I did not feel tired at all after pushing up the routes. That feeling rocked and I never want to loose it!

What now?

More consistent training is what the doctor ordered. As I wrote before I will start doing conditioning training soon at it will last for a full month, then it’s strength and so on.. I will need to add in more core training. I will publish my full 3 month training schedule during February. Looking at it right now it will be a 6 day training – one rest day (also a cheat day) regime.

Still need to think my diet through. It’s been a mess right now and it should see a major improvement. Any suggestions?


2 Responses to “The effect”

  1. Nora

    Tsemppiä treenaukseen!
    Treeni tuottaa tulosta, kun se on järkevää ja järkevän siitä saa suunnittelemalla hyvin. Sulla on varmasti nyt hyvä taustatieto kurssin perusteella.
    Mitä ruokavalioon tulee, niin ainakin proteiiniä ja hyviä rasvoja ja riittävästi hiilareita, että palautuu.

    • highcrux

      Kiitoksia Nora! Nyt kyllä tuntuu siltä, että taustatieto on kunnossa ja se vain pitää käyttää järkevästi treenauksessa.

      Yritän olla ajattelematta liikaa ruokavaliota, mutta kuitenkin huomioida tarpeelliset proteiinit, hiilarit ja rasvat. Itsellä ainakin menee valio pieleen kun liikaa sitä pohtii ja miettii “mitä voi syödä tänään?”.


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