Ice Climbing Course

Hi, my name is Aleksi and I shamefully admit that I’m now addicted to ice climbing.

I did my ice climbing course on the 26th at Pirunkallio in Helsinki, Finland. It’s a ice climbing cliff which is managed by Adventure  Partners was alo holding the ice climbing course. Pirunkallio has WI2-3 (in some parts there is WI4) difficulty routes, good anchor points and easy access which makes it ideal for beginners and those who wish to hone their skills.

Sini ja jose

We met at Pirunkallio around 9 o’clock with the sun shining and fortuning a great day for us novice ice climbers. The day started with an introduction to ice climbing by “Jose”, going through it’s dangers and different gear. Course continued with basic anchoring lessons and after lunch/dinner we were off ice climbing.

I climbed 5 or 6 different routes with difficulty ratings ranging from WI2 to WI3 and I did notice a quick progress in how I climbed ice. I started off with uneven, bad foot placements and swinging the axe like I was trying to break the ice not climb it – to good foot placements and good swing techniques. It was really hard to stop climbing as it got dark and there were no one to belay me! Managed to rip my pants too with crampons when I did not concentrate at all.

All in all, it was a great day and I can really say that I’m now an eager ice climber who wishes to climb a lot of ice and of course lot’s of difficult ice!

Ice climbing at Pirunkallio


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