ALONE. You lower you backpack and open the side zipper. You pick up the thermos which is filled with 75 cl of hot chocolate that you have been dreaming about since you left the camp. You screw the top out and pick up your cup and pour the steaming chocolate, letting it cool down for a few seconds. Perhaps a small bite of that sandwich you made earlier? Why not. There is no-one around, you are alone and you can only hear the gentle wind blowing around you and that scent of crispy winter morning mixed with the chocolate fills your nose.

I don’t know why but I’ve always liked to ‘go alone’. You rule your own way and go with your own pace. You notice things around you more easily and I somehow enjoy it just a bit more. It also could be that it’s a bit more scary to spend a night out in the open without anyone – guess it’s the adrenaline that pumps in your systems when you get that sensation of fear. Then there is the danger aspect when you go alone. There is no-one to help you when you get hurt nor cheering you when you feel tired and you are ready to give up. These things can weigh up a lot and can stress you on your path. For some reason they don’t bother me that much and I really don’t think of it too much.

I took a hike to the top of Noitatunturi this summer in Lapland and absolutely loved going out there on my own. There was no-one around and the the nature sang it songs just for me. It was an unknown path for me as I’ve never hiked it before. No idea what I should expect. After the grueling hike to the first stop  I sit down to take a bite to eat just at the bottom of the fell. It’s quiet and peaceful. I remember saying; “I really like this – no stress – no hassle. I need to do this more often”.

Do you like venturing alone?

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