Winter and saying goodbye to 2012

First snow 2012


I don’t really hate any season that we have here in Finland. Even those rainy days are a pretty good reminder to stop and think about the hectic world. So, why I am writing about winter? This year we have been lucky enough to get a lot of snow so our ski centers are enjoying the huge masses of people skiing or snowboarding down the hill.

Recently I’ve been picking up my cross country skiing and it’s been a blast. Picked up my pace quite quickly and re-learned how to ski again, though I must admit that my technique needs a lot of honing but that’s for the days to come. Skiing was a part of the mandatory school system in Finland when I was in elementary and we regularly did go to cross country skiing but I kind of fell out and hardly did any skiing after that. I’m already dreaming of crispy cold weather, a beautiful sunrise and a huge open fell where I can ski on pure and fresh snow.

On January I will be going through an Ice Climbing course to learn the tricks and tips from the local gurus. I have never done any ice climbing so it will be interesting to see if I get hooked on to it (mental note: get hooked of ice climbing!). I’ve also heard that people tend to build up an addiction to purchase all varieties of ice axes to show-off their collection. There are few but very decent ice climbing destinations in Finland and there is one right next our family’s cottage in Pyhä. I guess I should start looking at ice axes, crampons and boots for this season. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment.

Anyway. I love winter. It cleanses the air and that cold air really has that particular scent. Even in the mornings you can see if it’s really cold as everything seems so slow. Those mornings when you wake up at your tent, boil some hot water to make that hot coffee really feels like a million bucks at -25 (recalled a distant memory from my time at the army.. brr!)

Saying goodbye to 2012

2012 has been a year of change. I’ve been really concentrating on my health and I’m seeing the effects already. When I turned 12 or 13 I was diagnosed with asthma. Luckily I was really fortunate I never developed a more serious form of asthma and could live a normal life. Though the asthma really shut me off from any sort of sport. Thus I became a computer nerd and due to sitting hours infront of a computer made me gain a lot of weight during my teens. My weight has always been a problem. It’s been going up and down every year and never really managed to keep it steady. Until 2009 I managed to lost a whopping 30 kg and went from 108 kg to 78 kg. Though I gained some weight back to 95kg this year I’ve been managing to keep it at steady 82kg and building muscle. I’m so proud of myself for doing this and I’m not letting myself down this time. Losing weight has really helped with my asthma as well. It’s not a monster that prevents me from doing sports, enjoying climbing or skiing. It still steadily reminds me that his here but within control.

Two thousand and twelve was the year I picked up my climbing, seriously. I started doing routine training to get better at it and picked up a training course (read here and here) where I have learned valuable information how to stay safe and be more efficient with my training and getting better results. Going from 5 to 6A was amazing and really pushed myself to conquer more grades next year!

I can’t wait for 2013 and what it will bring but at least I have these coming up

  • Ice Climbing course on January
  • Glacier / mountain course in Svartisen, Norway
  • Hiking trip to Greenland and Iceland (probably some climbing too)

What are your highlights for the year 2012 and what are you expecting for 2013?

Happy holidays and enjoy the food and the company of your loved ones.

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