Shiny gear, everyone loves them

I like shiny toes and climbing and other sports are full of shiny gear and pieces you can wear or make your training more fun. I’ve recently made a two new purchases which I will review closer after the Xmas hassle.

P_468_468_3174127718Norrona Lyngen Down750 Lightweight jacket

I bought this for my next years trip to Svartisen glacier in Norway and I wanted to treat my self this xmas. It’s super lightweight down jacket from a Norwegian company called Norrona and I’m truly in love with this jacket. It keeps you warm well over -10 Degrees Celsius and probably well over that with the right layering. Combine it with some Merino wool layering you will get a warm base camp jacket or a winter belay jacket. I highly suggest getting one. Norrona offers Worldwide Shipping so no need to hassle with random shops (I wish everyone would follow their example on providing shipping to every corner of the earth directly from their website). (

Gregory Alpinisto 50 Gregory_NEW_F12Web__0002_Alpinisto50.2

I have been looking for a good backpack and thanks to I stumbled across the Gregory Alpinisto 50 which has a lot of cool feature which I really like. Including Ice Axe holders and a neat feature where you can place your crampons. I highly suggest looking at this if you are in the look for a new backpack. Oh and the color is pretty awesome! (

Have you been making new purchases or upgrading you gear?

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