Feeling a bit sore

Photograph by (c) Mikko Nieminen


Entered to my first ever climbing competition and I managed to get to 17th place! I’m actually pretty excited about it. The whole event was a great experience as well. Atmosphere and the cheers were amazing and I could really see the support and love to the sport among us. One thing I’m missing though, is the feeling of competition. I doubt I will ever be able to get that same state of mind while training or climbing a hard route. Anyway, conclusion is that I need to train more.

Speaking of training I’ve started my strength season which means a lot of bouldering and on my first training day I managed to pull a 6A boulder problem which is a huge step for me! Time to start hunting those 6A+’ and 6B’s. Shamefully I must admit that this weeks training has been done mostly in my house with a kettlebell, MOBW* and TRX as my right arm has been feeling a bit sore. I’ve also started to do some pilates as well and considering Yoga (but the classes are so damn expensive..).

Remember to train and train hard!

*My Own Body Weight

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