Training for climbing? Hell yeah!

Few months ago I saw an advert for climbing training course from the notable Adventure Partners, clicked the link and I submitted my info right away and paid the course. I’m really glad that I did, here’s why:

I really don’t have the best discipline for training and in every sport I’ve always needed guidance. I’m not the guy who makes up his own schedule, I always tend to look what others are doing and learn from that. This is why I instantly joined for this years climbing training course to basically start again from the basics and work my way up and actually start concentrating on training.

The course has 2 parts. The first one is Conditioning Season and the second is Power Season. Among these ‘seasons’ we will look at human physiology, injury prevention and treatment. Technique is also a big part of this course and we will be going through all the techniques that exist in climbing today. We will also look into topic of fear how to manage it while leading and keep your head cool while climbing. It’s really a full-on course which provides you a direct contact with the personal trainers and lots of information which will come in handy when you really fall into the world of training.

On the first meeting we went through the basic physiology of hands, lungs and different types of muscle groups and we had our first lesson in stretching and basic sport exercising combined with climbing. The course also follows our progress in form of muscular fitness tests which are climbing focused (e.g. hanging).

The first 2 days have been great, just yesterday we did a 35 minute conditioning training on the wall just climbing up and climbing down. It took a toll on me and I was blasted after it. You can see my Movescount move here and I will be adding all the training moves there and of course keep you updated on the progress. I’ll also post my fitness test results on a separate page, so you can follow my progess.

If you have ever wondered whether to attend these sort of courses I’d say just DO IT. So far it’s been the best decisions I’ve made towards my climbing and money well spent.

If you have any questions regarding this course just comment on this post and I’ll do my best to answer you!

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2 Responses to “Training for climbing? Hell yeah!”

  1. Mikä kiipeilyssä kiinnostaa? | HIGHCRUX

    […] Harjoittelu on todella tärkeää kiipeilyssä, varsinkin jos siinä haluaa kehittyä. Kiipeily on myös todella rankkaa ja systemaattinen harjoittelu auttaa vähentämään vammoja ja lisäämään kiipeilykuntoa, jotta voi loistaa reissuilla. Kun aloitin kiipeilyn, en liiemmin keskittynyt harjoitteluun, kävin vain kiipeilemässä ja kehityin omaa tahtia. Jossain välissä kehitys loppui ja tuntui siltä, että ei tästä mitään tule. Tuo maaginen 6a ei ottanut onnistuakseen vaikka sitä kuinka yritti ja yritti. Ratkaisu ongelmaani oli systemaatinen treenaus joka on avannut minulle kiipeilystä uusia puolia ja auttanut minua kiipeilemään paremmin. Varoituksen sana, saatat  alkaa tykkämään harjoittelusta kun kokeilet esimerkiksi Adventure Partnersin Kiipeilyvalmennusta tai Kiipelyurheilijoiden Personal Training kursseja. Voit lukea allekirjoittaneen kokemuksista tarkemmin täältä. […]


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