Feeling like a failure? Don’t!

Yesterday I went to train at a local climbing gym and I felt like a failure. Could not do anything reasonable and even the easiest moves felt like I was climbing for the first time. Feet placements were wrong and could not concentrate.’

It could be anything – stress, not feeling well, not sleeping enough or just general bad day syndrome. What I should have done? Stop immediately, breath and relax. Leave the gym and take the rest of the day off. You will not gain anything if you keep bashing your head against the wall and you’ll just feel like I did. I did notice that climbing and training for it has come to be an very important thing in my life. Getting better, fit and healthier has come one of the priorities. Managing stress and not giving it a biting change to overcome you and trashing your rest of the day or perhaps the rest of your life.

All is well though, I’m leaving for an two week vacation to the most relaxing place I can think of (at least in Finland) – the beautiful Finnish Lapland. Enjoy it’s amazing range of fall colors from deep red to orange and yellow. I’ll be topping more fells this time for sure!

Enjoy the upcoming fall, it’s one of my favorite seasons.

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