HuiaHuia! I did it!

A gloomy night, I’m watching TV and enjoying my crispy snack. The show is over and I get my ass up. I go off with my daily regime of training. Today it’s strength day with body weight exercises and kettle bell action. I check my regime from Evernote, where  I have saved all of my work outs for the week, just to keep track on what I should be doing. I do it for an hour or hour and half. I’m addicted and I’m aiming for the best shape that my body can give to me. It wasn’t like that 4 years ago.

I used to be an couch potato. Ate crunchy chips and blastered my stomach burgers and other sweets. Not anymore!. With the help of software similar to HeiaHeia I started my weight loss of over 30kg to this date. I duly remember that it was Nike’s first applications for iPod. Basically it was just that one piece of software that kept me going for more kilometers, no matter if I walked or ran. I needed that motivation, without it I think I would be either dead or very very unhappy and depressed. Due to this I started to pick up better ways of eating, thus progressing more deeper in to the fitness world.

Today’s world of fitness is a weird one. You can start off with Nordic Walking, which is according to the ANWA has done well outside Finland (e.g Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Norway,Sweden, Japan, Australia, Netherlands, UK, and the USA). You can also go all over to CrossFit, the newest craze of masochist way to fitness. There is such a colorful variation of different sports that you can go, spend your money, and might not gain anything at all or you might be the next super muscular or fit guy or gal.

Or, you can pick up your phone or mac, type in your daily routine of running/biking or walking to work. For some people this is the first step. They might even spend the weekend having a few beers and grilling some tasty sausage. I do that too, though now in moderation.

The change for healthy life does not come in a fortnight. It comes in years and years of changing your old habits to new ones. A human does not learn new habits when you have done those grilling weekends for the past 30 years. It takes time.

For the final words. Finland wants to be the healthiest people in the world by 2015. With things like HeiaHeia it might actually just work. It’s not always about finishing an Ironman or running a marathon or coming to be the next Ultramarathon runner. It’s about picking up healthy ways of living, even if it might be just writing your housecleaning activities and maybe leaving out that sausage, the next time you are at the grill.

Remember, enjoying life and having fun is the key. You only have one life.

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