Hiking + Nature = Peace of mind

Hiking is something that let’s your brain have a break on that busy world of ours. When you submerge yourself to that deep forest, high mountain or more likely in Finland a fell it gives that sensation of freedom to go anywhere and be free! What could ever be more greater than a feeling of freedom? This feeling at least for me is   crucial and have come to appreciate it more and more. Freedom on the weekends, freedom to go anywhere and enjoy life at it fullest.

My last hike was to Noitatunturi (67°0.81′N, 27°8.89′E), which is a fell in Lapland. The hike itself was about 13 km and had a horrific trail that lead to the summit. Full of huge rocks, where you had to jump between them and do a leg breaking hike up to the top. The height of Noitatunturi is about 540m. After I got to the top I really felt at peace. That moment really set foot, for me, to concentrate my climbing more towards to the alpines and mountaineering.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” 
— John Muir


Even if it rains snow, rain or hails on your neck and you will miserable on the trail, I’m quite sure that after the whole hike, you will feel tired but happy. That is what usually happens to me.

So grab those boots of yours, pack your pack with some goodies, not forgetting the water and go out on a trail. I’m sure that on the radius of 10km you will find one. In the winter, hot chocolate is a killer! Remember, the dish is best served with someone.

On a trail in Berlevåg, Norway. Heading towards the summit of Tana Horn (266m).

Cedar Wright (one of my favorite climbers and hikers) wrote a short piece on hiking and states few facts about the health benefits as well. Check it out.


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